Aminbam Date

High Quality Dates from Bam, Iran

At Aminbam, we are committed to building strong relationships and true partnerships with our customers and are dedicated to the highest standards of quality, consistency, expertise and customer service. We have served consumers and customers for generations by providing premium quality Dates from Bam’s palm trees to homes and eating establishments around the world.

Bambouyani growers have rapidly adopted the most advanced agricultural methods, equipment and refrigeration.  We are proud to produce dates that repeatedly set industry standards in quality, appeal and consumer satisfaction.

Our proven reputation for consistently delivering the highest quality dates, combined with our passion for what we do and attractive pricing, will insure that only the highest quality dates are shipped to you. We realize that our success can only be measured by our customers satisfaction.

Bambouyani  has many selections to choose from and can customize any variety of date to meet specific customer needs. Special packs, combinations and coatings are available upon request.  Create a unique, personalized gift or enjoy one for yourself! At Bambouyani, we believe that no order is too small.

Often referred to as “jewels of the Desert”, Dates been  labeled by many as a super food and have been a significant source of nutrition. With 16 vitamins and minerals,  Dates are a perfect natural alternative to added sugars, plus they provide lasting, natural energy to help carry you through your day, and are a good source of dietary fiber.

The pearl of Persia: Mazafti dates are one of the most famous and best tasting variety of dates that Bambouyani  offers. This date has a purplish to black color and  are one of the fleshiest and juiciest dates, with a very soft  texture and  a uniquely  delicious taste.  Mazafati, also known as Rotab, is one of the major products of IranAminbam can also provide you other date products such as: Kaloteh and Rabbi.

This delicious date is primarily grown and harvested every year in the historic citadel of Bam, a mountainous region of Iran. The ancient citadel of Arg-e Bam has a history dating back around 2,000 years ago. This city is globally famous due to its historical nature and agricultural products, especially dates.  Approximately 120,000 tons of the Mazafti date is being harvested from the land annually.